Deutschlandsberg is a charming town in the south of Western Styria in the middle of the Schilcherland. Our city hosts about 12000 inhabitants and disposes of various places to go like the riding stables, tennis courts, golf courses, open air and indoor swimming pools, well-maintained hiking routes and many more amenities. Our region is the home of different specialties like awarded wines, the Schilcher, pumpkin-seed oil and chestnuts. In order to see the natural beauty of our region, use the day to go hiking on one of our mountains like the Koralpe.
Nearby, you can find the Klause, which is a natural beauty of its own. When travelling with a large group of people, there is also the possibility to hike with a tour guide. The perfect solution to taste true Styrian food is to visit on of our “Buschenschänke”, which is a vintner, who sells his own home-made products and serves cold plates with cheese and ham and different other specialties. In winter, the region offers a variety of ski areas and also a thermal bath, which is only 38 km away. The thermal bath invites you to relax and feel good while swimming. When staying at our guesthouse, you will get a 20 % discount for the day price at “Therme Nova”.



The castle of Deutschlandsberg is more than just worth a visit, so take a walk and experience the cultural and historical highlight of the city. The museum Archeo Norico is ideal for people of every age, especially for the young ones. The museum also hosts different exhibitions from time to time.

If you want to have a unique and unforgettable dinner, the restaurant in the castle of Deutschlandsberg is the perfect choice for every occasion. You can admire the castle also from the majority of our balconies. The best way to reach the castle is to walk through the Klause.



The Klause is located next to our guesthouse and is impressing all the visitors with its natural beauty. The river which is flowing through this breathtaking example of natural environment is called “Laßnitz”. If it is a hot sunny summer day, it is the perfect place to keep a cool head. The path through the Klause leads also directly to the castle of Deutschlandsberg, which can be found in the picture below. Don’t hesitate and experience pure nature. Since April 2006, the Klause is listed as European nature reserve.